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About Us


(n.) when you love doing something so much that you put a part of your soul into it.

That's the Serenity Philosophy. We love every part of what we do, which is making women look and feel fabulous! We believe that women should never settle, so we offer only the most elegant, highest-quality products that are sure to inspire the approving nod of women with equally great tastes. This commitment to beauty and quality compels us to ensure that our products complement your unique look with an irresistible aesthetic that appeals to your divine feminine. 

At Serenity Boutiques, we believe that women from all walks of life have one thing in common: we enjoy the finest things in life from the finest places in the world. That’s why our products are made in some of the most breathtaking parts of Planet Earth. As such, they are designed for the woman who travels or who dreams of exploring the world.

Our diverse collections of gorgeous dresses, form-fitting bodysuits, jumpsuits & rompers, sexy lingerie, exotic jewelry, shoes, and much more will transport you to exotic locations across the globe, from Tulum to Bali and everywhere in between. Our products are meant for women who embrace diversity and the rich cultures the world offers.

We cordially invite you to explore our entire site and go the distance with Serenity Boutiques!